About The Michigan Mining Association

We seek to provide business and scientific information
that is essential to the formation of sound public policies affecting the Michigan Mining industry.

The Michigan Mining Association provides information
and education for its members, and distributes information to the general public about the contribution of minerals and mining to our economy and well being.

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The Michigan Mining Association consists of
individuals, firms and corporations whose common interest is the development of mineral resources, in an environmentally sound manner, in the state of Michigan. We advise and safeguard the business interests of our members through regulatory, legislative, public relations and educational programs. We promote within our industry high standards of responsibility, skill, and integrity.

The Michigan Mining Association represents
the breadth and depth of Michigan's mining industry including producers of metals (such as copper), industrial minerals (including borates, limestone, rare earth elements, clays, gypsum and tungsten) rock, sand, gravel, and salt. Michigan Mining Association's diverse membership includes large and small mining operations located in an array of locales throughout the state, bringing direct and indirect economic benefits to local governments and communities.